SECRET NUMBER Returns With New Sixth Single Album, “독사 (DOXA)”

Multinational K-Pop girl group, SECRET NUMBER, returns with their sixth single album, “독사 (DOXA,)” which includes the title track of the same name, and their very first fan song, “Beautiful One.” “독사 (DOXA)” sings about a toxic relationship that revolves around making up and breaking up, and shares the point of view of someone who chooses to not see the negativity in the relationship and longs for a true romance despite knowing that they’ll get hurt in the end. SECRET NUMBER’s first-ever fan song, “Beautiful One,” comes at a special time for both the group and their LOCKEY (SECRET NUMBER’s fan base), with the album being released just a few days after their third year anniversary (May 19).

“독사 (DOXA)” is Léa, Dita, Jinny, Minji, Soodam, and Zuu’s first comeback of 2023, aside from their Japanese debut in March, and the members are beyond excited to share new music with their LOCKEY. “Are you ready to fall in love with SECRET NUMBER? I hope you can enjoy this summer with our new music,” says Léa. Member Zuu shares, “I feel like we have grown a lot by challenging ourselves to a new side and concept, and I hope the listeners of “독사 (DOXA)” can relate to various shapes of love. I’m very happy to meet our LOCKEY on the stage again! I’ll work hard with my members during this promotion to make all LOCKEYs feel happy as well.” Dita ensures that they’re also thinking about their fans from all over the world with this new release stating, “I’m always really excited to come out with new music. I hope this album will also introduce SECRET NUMBERs name to new listeners and new people around the world.”

Check out the official music video for “독사 (DOXA)” down below and be sure to stream the single album, now available on all music streaming platforms worldwide!

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