Current Obsession: Dylan Bernard

Just like every other person out there (or, we hope so) we like to spend hours on Youtube, whether it’s looking for a makeup tutorial, or watching a new James Corden: Carpool Karaoke episode, to checking out upcoming artists that give us the feels with any song they sing! Fortunately for us, and the rest of the world, we’ve run into someone with a soulful voice and fresh face. His name is Dylan Bernard and he is our current obsession! With a very distinctive tone, and an obvious amount of talent, Dylan proves that he can sing top hits and put his own twist to it. According to his social media posts, we can expect lots of original music coming from him very soon – and trust us, you’re gonna wanna keep an eye out for this guy!  

Check out his videos below and we promise, he’ll be your new obsession too!

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