​Current Obsession: Heart Defensor AKA ThatsHeart


Okay, so she’s not necessarily our CURRENT obsession; we’ve actually been addicted to watching Heart Defensor’s beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos since she started YouTube back in 2010! ThatsHeart as her following knows her by, began with uploading videos like “What’s In My Bag” tag and makeup hauls, up until she started to do weekly vlogs as well, where fans truly got to see her funny and cute self. She’s even known to do an awesome segment during the holidays called “Vlogmas” where she uploads a new video every single day starting from the beginning of December until Christmas day! Not only does she promote happiness and positivity through all of her content, Heart really shows just how much family and friends are important in ones’ life, clearly displayed in her vlogs that are posted on her second channel – ThatsHeartTV. We, as her audience, have been able to live life by her side through the ups and downs as she showcases in her videos – one memorable moment in particular, was her engagement to long-time boyfriend and fellow YouTuber, Arnold Telagaarta. After being a dedicated follower of ThatsHeart for so many years, it was definitely an awesome moment to have finally met her at none other than one of the country’s biggest beauty events – Beautycon! Heart was just as sweet and funny as she is in her videos, and we even got to chat and take a picture with Arnold as well! Be sure to check out our pics with Heart and Arnold below, and of course make sure to watch a video or 40 of Heart’s on her YouTube pages linked below!

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