Current Obsession: ItsJudysLife “Dancember”


We’ve been in love with Judy and Benji Travis for the longest time! Judy starting off as one of Youtube’s “OG” beauty gurus, her and Benji expanded their family with their 3 baby bears: Julianna, Miya and Keira in which they are now dubbed as one of Youtube’s favorite family vloggers. As their family grew over the years, so did their fanbase and by the overwhelming help of their viewers, they most recently succeeded at surpassing their goal of $500K for their #Dancember campaign which supports feedONE and Convoy of Hope to feed at least 50,000 kids in developing countries. Throughout the entire month of December, clips of the #Dancember supporters would start off the daily itsJudysLife vlogs, the Travis family along with their loved ones and YouTube buddies, held livestreams in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle as well as spent an entire 24 hours straight with a live broadcast that featured games, Q&A’s and of course: DANCING! Although #Dancember is now over, we can’t wait for this years surprises. If you haven’t watched itsJudysLife, you should probably get on that! We promise their videos will put a smile on your face.

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