Natalie K – “Man Up”


We got the chance to chat with artist Natalie K about the release of her upcoming single “Man Up.” While she’s been performing at various events over the years, Natalie is making her big music comeback since her 2012 EP “Star Krossed.” Check out our EXCLUSIVE interview with Natalie below!

AL: Congratulations on the new single! What was the inspiration behind “Man Up”?
NK: Thank you so much! Without giving too much away, “Man Up” is inspired by a boy who didn’t know how to get what he wanted. It’s kind of what I wanted to say to him but never did.
AL: Going into creating a song, what’s your process?
NK: It’s honestly different with every song. Sometimes a melody will come into my head and I’ll start writing around that, or sometimes I’ll just feel inspired by a situation and start writing lyrics. I’m pretty old fashioned when it comes to songwriting, so I really like to write on an instrument, whether it be the piano or guitar and into a journal. I’m also always editing. Whether it’s changing lyrics or melodies, I always try to be open to changing things in order to make the song better.
AL: If you could perform with any artist, on any stage, who would it be with and where?
NK: Even though I’ve gotten to sing with him before (while he was guest hosting the Late Late Show), I’d love to perform with John Mayer on the stage I first saw him play live and one of my favorite venues, The Hollywood Bowl.
AL: What upcoming projects can we expect from you?
NK: I’ve been co-writing so much and have been in the studio a lot so you can definitely expect more music from me this year! I’ll be launching my music website later this month as well so stay tuned for that! I also just finished a few acting projects, one of which is a cool project by the talented artist/director Reza Derakshani called “Black Water.” Aside from that, I’m just writing for other artists and projects.
AL: Can you give us 5 fun facts about you to share with your audience? NK: 1. I sang “A Face to Call Home” with John Mayer during a commercial break of the Late Late Show in 2015. 2. My favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio, and I actually named my dog Leo after him. (Embarrassing, I know!) 3. My favorite city in the world is Paris 4. I’m a first-generation Armenian-American 5. I had my own web show on YouTube where I interviewed celebrities for 5 years.

We honestly can not wait to hear “Man Up” we’re sure it’ll be a jam! Make sure to check it out, available on all digital platform April 21st!

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