Will Jay “Leading Man”


Whether or not they’re relatable, or because they look like us, we all have our individual inspirations and people to look up to. Being Asian Americans ourselves, it’s been a bit difficult due to the fact that there’s little representation in movies, music, arts, etc. So it’s incredibly refreshing to see actors and artists, specifically in Hollywood fighting to make ourselves known in a world where looking different isn’t “good enough.” Will Jay is making noise on such an underrated topic through his latest tune “Leading Man.” In the official music video for the song, he auditions for a role where he gets beat out solely for the fact that he’s not white. We follow him through a journey where he finds himself transforming into someone he’s not just to get the role. It’s no doubt that Will has always amazed us, but with this project, he’s sending out an important message through his talent. Don’t forget to buy “Leading Man” on iTunes or stream it on all music platforms, and make sure to check out his music video down below! 

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