Half-Thai, Half-Italian Singer/Songwriter, Valentina Ploy, has been one of our current obsessions! Her music style brings comfort, chill vibes and relatable lyrics. Arambulo Live has reached out to Valentina for an exclusive interview:. 

  1. Hello Valentina, thank you so much for the opportunity and taking the time to answer some questions. Firstly, let’s go back to where it all started for you. When was the moment you realized that music was something you wanted to pursue? Well, my relationship with music started at a very young age. I started playing violin and did that for about 6 years and in general, I remember listening to music since forever haha. I started writing music more as a way to channel and express my emotions and it was more of a personal practice in the beginning. Then I decided it was something I wanted to share later on, growing up! Other artists’ music had been fundamental for me so I thought that my songs could also be a contribution to this wonderful music world and that someone could maybe relate to them.
  2. Your songs “See you in life” and “Wire” top our most played songs recently. We love it! What is your reaction to these becoming such popular tracks? Haha I’m glad you like “See You In Life” and “Wire”! Well, surely I didn’t really expect to get such a strong reaction and so many people listening, so I felt soooo grateful and happy. Very genuinely happily surprised and that’s even a bigger motivation for me to continue sharing my music. ❤️ 
  3. Your latest release “Let Go” is such a deep and emotional song, what was the story/inspiration behind that? “Let Go” is very emotional yes… like every song I write, it came directly from my personal experience and things that go on in my life. This one is about a relationship where one time I had a bit of a little negative arguing moment haha the song is divided into two parts: basically negative and positive parts of a relationship and the message is that no matter how much I thought I’ve had enough of some situations and I though I was ready to let this go, I wouldn’t in the end… cause the love I had was more powerful 🙂
  4. The music you’ve shared gives such a chill and laid back vibe, are there any plans with venturing into a different genre? Yeah my songs in the first coming EP are all pretty chilled but there will be some change in the next one probably! Still keeping my personal vibe but more energetic, I guess 🙂
  5. A fact that people may not know is that you were in beauty pageants, more specifically, you became the 2nd runner up for Miss Thailand. Is this something you would like to go back to experience again? Sure I would! I did that with the purpose of helping more people as I also like to volunteer and I support social helping! Music is also giving 🙂 That was such an enriching experience and in general, everything I’ve done made me who I am today. I’ve learnt so much from it and also it is thanks to this competition that I now work with whattheduck music label! Funny how life decides to work and put me back on the music direction again! 🙂
  6. If you could do a collaboration on a track with any artist, who would that be? Ohhhh so many I would love to do a collaboration with! 😍 Probably now, I would answer Ed Sheeran! I love his songs, how honestly and simply he communicates 🙂
  7. Please share any upcoming concerts and projects that we can look forward to. I am having some events and shows in Bangkok this year and planning to release my two first EP’s as well! So it will be a year fullllll of new songs for you! 🙂
  8. Lastly, what message would you like to give to all of your fans and supporters? I just would like to say “THANK YOU” in every language that I know, every way that I can!! I feel so blessed and so grateful for having you listening to my songs and nothing could be possible without you! So THANK YOU! ❤️

Fun Facts Questions:

  1. Favorite food? Pizzaaaaaa 
  2. Favorite color? Blue! Like the sky and the sea 🙂
  3. Favorite song right now? Light On – Maggie Rogers 
  4. Favorite movie? That’s a hard one! I would tell you the last one I saw was “Parasite” 
  5. Dream place to visit in the world? EVERYWHERE!! Hahaha I especially would love to explore Africa!

Make sure to keep up with Valentina on her social media platforms: @ValentinaPloy and stream her incredible music on Spotify!


  1. Valentina is one of my favorite artists right nnow, thank you for this interview Arambulo Live!

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