One of our favorite singer/song-writers, Dylan Bernard, has been releasing bop after bop these days and his newest single “It Ain’t Up To Me” is no exception. We reached out to Dylan for an exclusive interview:

1. What is the backstory of “It Ain’t Up To Me”; How did the song come about?
“It Ain’t Up to Me’ was born in a writing session with my friends Jon Asher and Will Jay! I really enjoy leaving most of my songs up to the listeners’ interpretation but this songs initial intention tells the story of a couple that can’t decide in the moment if they really want to be together or not and how they feel after with no decision made.
2. You’ve released great tracks recently like “Higher” and “All We Know”. What makes “It Ain’t Up To Me” different from your previous tracks?
Thank you! ‘It Ain’t Up To Me’ to me blends pretty well with “Higher” in terms of the overall sound I’m going for. I think what sets it apart is that it keeps that chill vibe from “Higher”, but the production and vocal melody give it a little more movement. Songs like “All We Know” and “Perfect Place” are definitely a completely different vibe, since they are collaborations with Benji Reyes, who is an awesome EDM producer. It’s been really cool to see what our two styles create when we combine them.
3. Your music is being recognized globally, how has the feedback from your audience been?
The response has been incredibly overwhelming in the most amazing way. I don’t know how many people I’ve said thank you to on social media for their support but it’s so true! The love I’ve seen recently internationally, specifically the Philippines, South Korea, and Japan, has been incredible. I am beyond grateful for their support. I’ve seen some people covering the music, posting artwork, and sharing how the songs have helped them through these difficult times we’re all experiencing. Music is meant to connect, and to know that my music can play a small part in others lives is all I could ever ask for.
4. You’ve grown so much since we’ve known you, when you started off with your EP “Sparks”. How much has changed in terms of your songwriting and style since then?
I’m writing a lot more independently now and writing more with different people as time allows just to see where it goes! The ever evolving challenge as a writer continues to be patience and navigating what the song is leaning toward in terms of genre because for me, the sky is the limit with where a song can travel. Personally I’ve been enjoying writing more “vibey”, laid back songs for my releases.
5. What kind of genre could you see yourself pursuing and could it be a possibility?
R&B music has always been in my life from a young age back in Jersey to now. “Higher” was my first release and writing session where I realized that this lane makes me feel really good and helps me express in my most authentic way. The response has been great and it just feels good putting out music that that is honest and true to myself
6. Any upcoming projects we can expect?
I’m working on a new EP with my friend Mark Otero, who co-wrote ‘Higher’ with me. Of course, with everything going on, dates are moving around, but I am very excited to release this EP. This project is going to be very personal, intimate, and stripped back. I think listeners will really enjoy it and I cannot wait to share it with everyone.

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