Asian Boss Girl Collabs with Evrylashes on Exclusive Line

The incredible powerhouse trio behind Asian Boss Girl recently announced an exciting collaboration! Alongside Evrylashes, Janet, Helen and Mel curated a special collection of lashes tending to each of their styles. “Patent Pending” by Janet, “Perfect Ten” by Helen and “Happy Hour” by Mel, there’s an option for all! Evrylashes was founded by an Asian American female who had Asian eyes in mind while creating this awesome brand to make you feel confident in lashes that compliment your natural eye shape. Asian Boss Girl is more than a podcast, but has truly become a movement within the Asian American community. The ABGs have expanded their podcast into creating Youtube videos as well for their fans and listeners to enjoy. If you’re interested in snatching up these lashes, check out the collection here. Asian Boss Girl is hitting their 100th episode this week so we also want to send out a big Congratulations! 

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