Bretman Rock is MTV’s Newest Superstar!


Photo: Bretman Rock/MTV

MTV has a new resident, and it’s Bretman Rock! The exciting news of a reality show featuring Bretman was announced last year, but “MTV Following: Bretman Rock” is finally happening! The 22 year old Filipino-American content creator shares a lot of his life already on social media, but the show will dive deeper and take a look at how life really is for him. From banters with his sister, to emotional moments with his mom, the show also highlights the heavy aftermath of his dad’s passing – all filmed before and during the pandemic! While many of us are used to seeing the glamorous lives of influencers living in Los Angeles or New York, “MTV Following: Bretman Rock” will showcase his life in Hawaii, which will truly come as a refreshing scene to see. Check out the official trailer for “MTV Following: Bretman Rock” below and tune in for the premiere on Monday, February 8th!

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