GOT7 Surprises Fans With “Encore” Music Video

We’re only in the second month of the year but the guys of GOT7 have already put the Ahgases on a roller coaster ride! With the announcement in January of the end of the contract between GOT7 and their agency, JYP Entertainment, there was one thing the guys wanted to make clear: they were not disbanding and will continue to work as GOT7. They kept their word and a month later, released a surprise song and music video for their newest track “Encore.” The music video starts of in black and white with member Jackson walking down a hallway alone until he enters a room where the rest of the members were waiting for him and everything goes from black and white to color. The fans took this to heart and really appreciated the little details that show their true love and brotherhood. The members are currently working on solo projects but we’re all very excited to see what GOT7 will continue to release!

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