Glades Drop New Single “Dancing In The Mirror”

Photo: Glades (IG)

As big fans of Glades ourselves, we were so excited to hear that they would be releasing a new album Planetarium, out on April 30th. Their latest single “Dancing in the Mirror” is a track all about self-love and body positivity. Lead singer Karina Savage shared in an Instagram post the story behind the song: I remember the first time I ever saw stretch marks on my legs. I just stared at the mirror and cried. I was so embarrassed. I changed the way I dressed, I was too self conscious to go swimming in front of anyone, I avoided my reflection in the mirror. Something so small changed my perception of myself. What I didn’t realize was that so many people were going through the same thing. I’ve wanted us to write this song for so long because it’s easy to be unkind to yourself, but learning to love yourself is something that’s worth celebrating. It’s been a long journey and sometimes I still catch myself thinking unkind thoughts (especially last year) but this girl is seeing herself a little clearer, and lately she’s been dancing in the mirror.” “Dancing in the Mirror” is out now on all music streaming platforms!

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