Maymay Entrata Stuns In Epic “Maria” Dance Cover

Photo: Maymay Entrata (IG)

The all-around entertainer, Maymay Entrata shared her first ever dance cover video to YouTube in which she performed to MAMAMOO Hwasa’s hit song “Maria.” Joined by a few G-FORCE dancers, Maymay truly stunned and showed just how much of an amazing dancer she is! She also shared a photo on her Instagram with a caption as to why she chose to dance to “Maria” and what it means to her, stating: “I chose this song to be my first dance cover coz I wanna lay down my gratefulness to the singer. Thank you Hwasa/ Ahn Hye-jin for your music. Your “Maria” song inspired us to be confident, do things in our own way and not letting other people take our light. It also empowered women to not mind others’ opinions on one’s beauty and being proud for who we are. For me, accepting yourself is the truest definition of beauty. Flaws and imperfections make oneself’s perfect.” Love that message and we love that we see one powerful woman supporting another! Check out the video down below:

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