Ivana Alawi Gives Back In New Viral YouTube Video

Social media superstar, Ivana Alawi, is known for posting fun and silly YouTube videos that feature pranks and vlogs with her family, but in her most recent video, her content took a more emotional route. The 24 year old disguised herself as a homeless woman begging for food and money, and while the concept of the video was to multiply however much people gave her by 1,000 PHP, the video ended up with Ivana crying. The last person she interacted with was an older man who was a street vendor, and while he gave her money, he also provided her food and even offered to buy her soda. Ivana broke down in tears after hearing about his long commute and difficult days of being a street vendor. It took her a whole day to process that moment as it had affected her more than she thought and she even admitted that her team is looking for, who she referred to as “Tatay” (Father or Dad, in English), as she plans to provide further help to someone who was so kind to her. We love seeing stories like this and hope that people follow in Ivana’s footsteps and give back to our own communities! Check out the emotional video below:

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