WayV’s Lucas And Winwin Are Handsome Muses For GQ Connect

WayV members Winwin and Lucas have officially begun their schedule in China as the duo were spotted on the red carpet of “GQ Connect Muse Night” which was held at the Modern Art Museum in Shanghai. The guys were featured in a chic photoshoot for GQ Connect where they donned dark colored suits and looked so handsome! Winwin, Lucas and their staff flew to China from South Korea back in February and went through the procedural quarantine for a total of 21 days! During this time, Winwin documented his days in a series of “Quarantine Vlogs” where he shared with his fans what he was up to. WayV recently had their comeback for “Kick Back” but due to their schedules in China, Winwin and Lucas were unable to be a part of the promotions. Take a look at the GQ Connect shots as well as Winwin’s vlogs below:

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