Actor Gong Yoo Guest Stars On IU’s Palette

Super popular actor and fan-favorite, Gong Yoo, made a surprise guesting on “IU’s Palette,” which is IU’s YouTube show that features various talents in the industry that chat with IU and even sing/dance in special performances. IU started off the show by making an epic reference to Gong Yoo’s famous character in “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” also known as “Goblin” by blowing out a lighter in which Gong Yoo appears in his seat across from IU. The duo talk about how they first met and how they are big fans of each other. Gong Yoo praised IU’s singing and acting skills and mentioned how surprised he was with her performances in her dramas “My Mister” and “Hotel De Luna.” He also expressed his wish to work with IU one day stating “Even if it isn’t a music-related movie, I hope we’ll get to work together in a nice movie or drama,” to which IU replied, “I’d love that. I really would. I really hope that comes true.” We love this interaction and hope they really do have a project together soon! Check out the full interview below:

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