Kang Daniel Guests On Jessi’s YouTube Show “Showterview With Jessi”

This was an interaction we never knew we needed! K-Pop superstar, Kang Daniel, was the special guest on this week’s episode of “Showterview With Jessi” and it was filled with some great moments! Jessi, who is known to be a boisterous personality, made Daniel laugh throughout the interview starting with what she called an “Up-close interview” where she showed the fans an up close and personal point of view while filming Daniel’s facial features, hands and hair and complimenting him. Jessi couldn’t get over how charming the singer was as he would have aegyo moments and even imitated an adorable dog sticking its tongue out and doing a cute wink, in which Jessi lost her cool and couldn’t help but gush over Daniel. Check out the full interview/interaction between Jessi and Kang Daniel below:

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