Maymay Entrata Looks Gorgeous On The April Cover of MEGAstyle

Maymay Entrata has graced the cover of MEGA a handful of times but the photos for the April issue of MEGAstyle has leveled up the talented star’s modeling skills and high-fashion looks. Maymay has been loved by many since her rise to fame, starting off as a housemate on “Pinoy Big Brother” to becoming the winner of the teen season and now having multiple TV shows and movies under her belt. As the 23-year-old celebrates her fifth year in showbiz, she shares that “It was a challenge to adjust in the beginning not only because of my work but also because of the people I work with. It wasn’t easy growing into this craft that’s why whenever I have the opportunity to learn and improve, I take it because I am really passionate about this craft.” Maymay has always been a stunner and was always complimented on her beauty and potential to become a top model. The cover was shot at the UP Vargas Museum as she was dressed in amazing pieces that merged the beauty of art and fashion. Take a look at some of the beautiful shots of Maymay featured in MEGAstyle:

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