BLACKPINK’s Lisa Uploads A Fun New Vlog With Jisoo

BLACKPINK’s Lisa uploaded a new vlog to her YouTube channel, LILI’s Film, featuring a special guest – none other than her fellow BP member, Jisoo! The two went on a date for the day, sharing that they hadn’t seen each other for a week, which is a long time in their world. While they ate their lunch, which was Thai food, the two talked about random topics such as wanting to go visit Jeju Island. After their lunch, they went to do some shopping and even modeled some sunglasses in the store. They put their best “social media influencer” vibes on as they tried to film aesthetic clips of their dessert in the café after shopping. The video ended with the two taking a stroll through a row of beautiful cherry blossom trees and taking fun pictures together with the world-famous Namsan Tower in the background. Check out the full vlog below:

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