Conan Gray Releases New Song “Astronomy”

Singer-Songwriter Conan Gray has finally released a new song! The new track “Astronomy” is his new release since his hit “Overdrive” which was dropped a few months ago. Conan shared his thoughts on the new song stating, “Astronomy’ is about that slow, painful, often denial inducing process of growing apart from somebody. That moment when all of a sudden you look at that person you’ve loved for years and realize you no longer know them. That you two exist on two different worlds now. I find the worst heartbreaks happen slowly. No blowout fight and slamming doors and showing up on doorsteps while it’s raining. Just a gradual decaying of love with nothing left to do to stop it from slipping away. There’s no explanation, nobody to blame. That hurts the most.” Be sure to stream “Astronomy” on all music platforms as well as check out the music video below:

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