HYBE INSIGHT AKA “The BTS Museum” Opens It’s Doors To The Public

HYBE INSIGHT has finally opened it’s doors to the public and it’s absolutely stunning inside! The complex showcases content of all the HYBE artists including stage outfits worn by BTS as well as their infamous colored microphones. Through screens, visitors get a glimpse of the stars’ personal studios with a 360-degree view and can listen to the stories behind their music production. The museum features various rooms and sections focusing on specifics such as the Innovative Sound section, Dynamic Movement section, the Inspiring Story section, and even has exhibits that heightens the senses of touch and smell, as well as your taste buds because there’s even a cafe available that offers special egg tarts and teas! HYBE INSIGHT is open from Tuesday to Sunday at the company’s headquarters in Seoul’s Yongsan District, where visitors can enjoy the exhibitions for two hours, with reservations made in advance. Tickets are available on HYBE INSIGHT’s official website and mobile application, where regular tickets are priced at 22,000 won ($19.56) and photo tickets (which includes a photo of their favorite HYBE artists) are 25,000 won ($22.19.) Check out a tour of the space below!

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