BTS Reveals MV Teaser For “Butter” + Hits 19+ Million Views In A Few Hours

With BTS gearing up for their highly-anticipated comeback, many ARMY are overwhelmed with the amount of content the group has been sharing over the past few days. From gracing the cover of Rolling Stone magazine (with each member getting their own cover/interview on top of a group cover/interview!) to announcing that they would be performing at the Billboard Music Awards on May 23 as well as Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series on May 28, to winning “Best Music Documentary” for their film “Break The Silence: The Movie” at the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards: UNSCRIPTED, BTS has revealed another internet-breaking teaser, this time for their upcoming single, “Butter”. The 23-second clip shows the 7 members dressed to the nines in a black and white filter nodding their heads to the beat, ending it with a picture of a stack of pancakes, syrup and of course – butter! Many think that the group has pulled inspiration from Queen’s infamous song “Another One Bites The Dust,” as the music in BTS’ clip has a similar sound. The video has already reached a whopping 19+ million views despite it being uploaded only a few hours prior. It has reached #1 trending on YouTube and has 3 million likes! That’s the true power of BTS and their BTS ARMY! “Butter” is set to be released on May 21!

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