Morissette Reimagines “Shine” + Arambulo Live Interview With Morissette, Trina Belamide, Jonathan Manalo

We had the incredible opportunity to attend the global press conference for the 25th Anniversary and the 2021 revival of Trina Belamide’s song, “Shine,” which is sung by Morissette and co-produced by Jonathan Manalo. It’s a full circle moment for Morissette who has admitted to singing this OPM song on many occasions for her performances worldwide. “Shine” was originally sung by Ima Castro and was later rendered by Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. During the press conference, Nikki from Arambulo Live had the chance to ask the team behind the project “If you could revive any other Trina Belamide song, what would it be?” and Morissette shares her thoughts on the viral reaction videos on YouTube of fans from various parts of the world reacting to her performance videos. The lyric video visualizer is now available and the clip of our interview is up as well – check it out below!

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