BTS Wins All 4 Nominations At The BBMA’s + Announces Muster Event

BTS is having the most incredible week so far! The globally famous group released their newest song and certified summer anthem “Butter” a few days ago, which has smashed all of the records and titles on the music charts. Their music video for the song reach 100 million views in less than 24 hours, breaking the previous record, which they held for their song “Dynamite.” On top of the successful release, the group won all four nominations they had for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards including: Top Duo/Group, Top Social Artist, Top Song Sales Artist This Year, and Top Selling Song for “Dynamite” and performed “Butter” for the first time ever! The group announced that for their 8th year anniversary this year, they will be holding their annual “Muster” concert. While there wasn’t a show last year due to COVID, the group will be celebrating this with a “Sowoozoo” theme, aka “Mikrokosmos.” The 2021 Muster event will be streamed online on BTS’ anniversary date, June 13, 2021 and June 14, which will be a “World Tour” version where the set list includes all of their foreign-language hits. Many congrats to BTS!

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