“Momshies! Ang Soul Mo’y Akin” Movie And Global Press Conference

Photo c/o: ABS-CBN

From hosting morning talk show “Magandang Buhay” to now starring in their first film together, Melai Cantiveros, Jolina Magdanal and Karla Estrada are making their way to the silver screen in their new movie, “Momshies! Ang Soul Mo’y Akin!” The film revolves around the characters Karlene, Jolene, and Mylene whose souls switch with each other as they experience and realize that there is more to life than they know. It’s said to be a family film that will not only bring laughter but will also provide inspirational stories about friendship, family, self-love and empathy.

We had the opportunity to attend the Global Press Conference for the movie along with the cast, Melai Cantiveros, Jolina Magdanal, Karla Estrada, DJ Jhai Ho, Juliana Parizcova Segovia, Johannes Rissler, Writer Daisy Cayanan, Director Easy Ferrer and host of the event, Director Erik John Salut. Arambulo Live’s host, Nikki, asked the momshies what makes them click despite having such different personalities from each other. Their answers are hilarious! Check out the interview below and for more info on the film and where you can watch it, click here.

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