KARD’s BM Drops Teaser Video For Upcoming Solo Song “Broken Me”

KARD’s BM has been working hard on his upcoming solo release and today, shared a teaser video for the track as well as the music video for “Broken Me.” It sounds like the song will have a rock sound, slightly different from the hip-hop BM many know, as well as a dark, futuristic concept with his music video. BM revealed that he will be having a very special guest in his music video, sharing that “The Penthouse” actor, Park Eunseok will be starring in it! “This collaboration, I feel, will have people shocked because even I would have never imagined being in the same project as one of my favorite actors from one of my favorite dramas.” “Broken Me” will also be on the OST of Eunseok’s upcoming short film “The Brave New World.”

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