HELLO82 Presents AB6IX Fan Meeting Titled “ABBI SCHOOL”

Have you ever wanted to hang out with K-Pop group AB6IX? Well, now is your chance! HELLO82 will be hosting a fan meeting with AB6IX called “ABBI SCHOOL” and will be a live and virtual fan meet-up. “ABBI SCHOOL” will have a cute elementary school concept stage, that ties into the theme of their new album, where the members will read fan comments, play games, and perhaps perform a few songs! Tickets are on sale now for $39.99, but you may also purchase merch packages including: Online Ticket + Behind Postcard Book for $59.99 or the Online Ticket + Behind Postcard Book + Special Ticket (Rehearsal Live) at $69.99. Merch packages come with limited edition AB6IX Behind postcard books, DVDs, photo cards, etc. With the REHEARSAL LIVE package, fans can watch about 30minutes of AB6IX’s sound check. for more info, check out HELLO82

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