Sessions And Joy Ruckus Club Announce “K-POP SUPERFEST”

Sessions is teaming up once again for a new collaboration project with Joy Ruckus Club, as they present “the largest Asian music festival in the world,” K-Pop SuperFest set to take place on Saturday, June 19. The one-day music festival boasts an incredible lineup of K-POP superstars such as: Rain, Jessi, THE BOYZ, Ailee, Heize, MOMOLAND, CRAVITY, Golden Child, LOVELYZ, AB6IX, AleXa, Bloo and DJ SODA with AleXa and Kevin (THE BOYZ) hosting the global event. The livestream filming will take place at the famous Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul, South Korea. For tickets to attend and more info, check out the website here.

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