W24 is a South Korean 4-piece band signed under J ARMY Entertainment and was formed in 2018. Consisting of members, Ho-Won (Lead Singer), Aaron (Pianist), Yun-soo (Guitarist), and Jong-gil (Drummer), the group’s name W24 stands for World 24 hours, with hopes that people would listen to their music for 24 hours around the world. W24 is such a refreshing band to see and listen to, and has truly established themselves as artists with each member participating in the writing, composition, arrangement and production of their music. They most recently entered the reality competition show Asian Top Band, and won the title of “1st Asian Top Band.”

We had the exciting opportunity to chat with the band about upcoming projects they’re working on as well as their Japan debut. Upbeat and positive Aaron answered to the question of what makes him happy, International member Ho-won explained the reason of his move from Latin America to South Korea, first member of the band, Jong-gil, shared the challenges he faced while being the creator of W24 and how he chose which members would be apart of the group, and Yun-soo, who writes many of the group’s songs, revealed the inspiration behind the lyrics. Arambulo Live host, Nikki, also played a fun game of “This or That” with the members, where they chose between oceans or mountains, ballads or upbeat songs, and the debate of the century – strawberry ice cream vs. mint choco chip! Their dedicated fanbase, EVERY, sent in amazing questions for the members to answer, with the interview wrapping up of what kind of plans W24 would have when they have the chance to visit Los Angeles, as well as Nikki’s visit to Seoul. Follow W24 on their Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channel for more content, and check out the full interview below!

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