Stray Kids’ Han Shares Solo Track “HaPpY”

Stray Kids’ Han has just shared a special gift for his fans! The 20-year old artist dropped a self-written track titled “HaPpY,” and was co-composed by Han and fellow Stray Kids member Bang Chan, who also arranged the track. The lyrics allude to the meaning of wanting someone to be happy, even though it’s been a long time since they’ve left your side. This song is a part of the group’s SKZ-RECORD series, where each of the members will be putting out unofficial releases or covers as gifts for their fans. A major congratulations to Stray Kids, who was just announced the winners of the reality competition show, “Kingdom: Legendary War.” The group’s scores and ranking would vary weekly, but it’s no doubt that they gave all of their energy and passion on each stage! Stray Kids went up against groups SF9, iKON, BTOB, THE BOYZ and ATEEZ. Congratulations, Stray Kids!

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