BTS’ RM Drops Solo Song “Bicycle”

BTS’ music has always brought upon healing and peace to those who listen to it. The group’s leader, RM, is no newbie to creating songs that have these kinds of factors, whether it be for BTS or for his own solo music. RM dropped his newest track “Bicycle” in honor of the group’s annual FESTA 2021 celebration occurring over a span of several days in June. “Bicycle” was produced, written and arranged by RM and John Eun. In a note posted to BTS’ blog, RM stated that he had always wanted to write a song about a bicycle. He also said that he made the song’s lyrics while riding on a bike and when he does so, it always gives him a thrill and makes his heart flutter. “When I put my feet on the pedals, it always feels a bit sad. Maybe it’s because there’s a lot of things that I miss.” The calm and comforting track is a reminder to just take in the simple things in our daily lives and appreciate the good that surrounds us.

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