“Hospital Playlist” Promises New Music From Mido And Falasol In Season 2

The second season of “Hospital Playlist” is coming up quick and many have been wondering if there would be new music from our favorite all-doctor band, Mido and Falasol. Fear not, the production team at “Hospital Playlist” have confirmed that there will be a release of three digital tracks in preparation for the return of the beloved show. The show’s soundtrack production studio, HeartC, stated, “We planned the release of these special digital tracks with hopes to comfort the hearts of fans who are eagerly waiting for the second season of ‘Hospital Playlist’. Compared to season 1’s released soundtracks, fans will be able to feel another kind of comfort.” The three tracks set to be released will be Jeon Mi Do’s vocals in “Introduce Me A Good Man,” Jo Jung Suk’s vocals in “Gather My Tears,” and Yoon Yun Suk’s vocals in “Confession is Not Flashy.” All three of the songs will include the sounds of live instruments played by the main actors, Jo Jung Suk, Jeon Mi Do, Yoo Yun Suk, Jung Kyung Ho and Kim Dae Myung. The new songs will be released on June 10 with the second season of “Hospital Playlist” to premiere on June 17!

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