SEVENTEEN’s The8 To Minimize Participation In “Your Choice” Comeback Due To Injury

The members of SEVENTEEN are currently gearing up for their long-awaited and highly-anticipated comeback with their 8th mini-album, “Your Choice,” but due to an unexpected injury, The8 will be minimizing his participation in the upcoming performances. The group’s company, Pledis Entertainment, released a statement announcing that the member “experienced pain in his instep and ankle during choreography practice, and visited the hospital for treatment and detailed examination,” in which the medical personnel advised that “while his daily routines will not be affected, he should focus on treatment, get sufficient rest and minimize intense physical activities, including choreography.” While CARAT’s may understandably be worried about The8, the singer took to social media to reassure the fans that he’s doing therapy for his injury and to not worry to much. SEVENTEEN’s 8th mini-album “Your Choice,” comes out on June 18!

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