Singer Lee Hyun Manages BTS For A Day, Documents His Experience In New YouTube Video

Screenshot From Lee Hyun’s YouTube Video

Big Hit Entertainment’s very first artist, Lee Hyun, has been sharing so much content with fans on his YouTube channel, from touring the new HYBE building and now to spending the day with global superstars, BTS. The solid friendship between Lee Hyun and BTS is no secret, so the most recent video uploaded to the singer’s channel proves to have been quite a challenge. Lee Hyun surprised BTS by working as their manager for the day, starting off with picking the members (SUGA and Jin) up from their dorm and transporting them to the HYBE office. Once they arrived, the rest of the members were there and were shocked to see Lee Hyun acting proper and taking his role as their manager seriously. Sweet Jimin though, broke the facade a little bit with a hug as he said hello to the singer. Lee Hyun made sure to guide the members through their many interviews that day and even took care of them while numbering bottles filled with tea for each member. BTS had to move to another location to continue their schedule, so Lee Hyun ended his duties as their manager, at the office. The video ended with a cute interaction between Lee Hyun and his best friend, Jin, giggling in the van after his day as their manager! Check out the full video below:

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