BTS’ Jin To Be A Judge For MapleStory’s First-Ever Golden Hand Character Design Contest

Not only is BTS’ Jin an incredible singer, dancer, actor and worldwide handsome, he’s also a master at the online multiplayer role-playing game, MapleStory. It’s an adventure game where people can defeat monsters and upgrade their characters’ skills and abilities. It’s a well-known fact with ARMY that Jin is a huge fan of the game and this was even confirmed during the BTS x MapleStory series, where the group’s eldest member revealed just how much he loved it. MapleStory will be conducting their very first Golden Hand Character Design contest for all MapleStory users with a character above level 101 to design their very own characters. There will be different categories to focus on such as hair, costume, set, pets and more that the judges will review, and from there, will choose 50 users to advance to the final round. MapleStory announced that BTS’ Jin will be one of the judges, and even had cute specifications noted, like “Maple Warrior, Kim Seokjin,” “18 years of experience in the game,” “Experience using Black Swan set,” and “Worldwide Handsome.” Submissions for the First Character Design contest start from July 8 – July 21 and the winner will be announced on September 1, 2021.

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