Stray Kids Surprise Fans With New Mixtape Single “OH” + JYP Entertainment Confirms Hyunjin’s Return

Stray Kids have just surprised their fans by releasing their new mixtape single, “OH,” which features all eight members of the group, including Hyunjin, who had been on a hiatus from group activities since February 2021. Along with the release of the song was an accompanying music video featuring a soft and fresh concept and showcasing the visuals of each member. Stray Kids’ company, JYP Entertainment, confirmed that “Starting from July, Hyunjin will be rejoining Stray Kids’ scheduled activities and he plans to show an even more upstanding attitude and mature mindset during his promotions. During his break from activities, Hyunjin has reflected on himself while donating and participating in volunteer work.” It can be recalled that back in February, Hyunjin was caught up in a swirl of bullying allegations, causing his hiatus from the group. With that situation having been settled, and all parties positively moving forward, it’s so great to see all eight members back together again! Check out the music video for “OH” down below!

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