Red Velvet’s Yeri And Pentagon’s Hongseok Show Sweet Chemistry In “Blue Birthday” Poster

Many are anticipating the upcoming project starring Red Velvet’s Yeri and Pentagon’s Hongseok! The duo is set to star in the drama titled “Blue Birthday” where they play the lead roles of Ha Rin and Seo Joon, respectively. “Blue Birthday” tells the story of a girl named Ha Rin, who witnesses the death of her first love on her 18th birthday. 10 years later, Ha Rin is given a chance to return to that fateful day and decides to try everything she can to prevent the death of her best friend and first love, Seo Joon. In the newly released film poster, Yeri and Hongseok show exceptional chemistry, but if you look closely at each photo, will be able to see the unfortunate result of Ha Rin and Seo Joon’s story. “Blue Birthday” will air on Naver TV starting July 23 and will also be available to watch on YouTube starting on August 6.

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