Lee Hyun Wraps Up His Time As BTS’ Manager In New YouTube Video

In a part 2 video uploaded to his channel, singer Lee Hyun continued his duties as BTS’ manager. This time, he accompanied the group to their performance video shoot where they showcased just how much they love him as a “manager” but even more so as a hyung. Lee Hyun arrived to the set ready to work and received guidance from the head of BTS’ security team prior to the group’s arrival. He ended up making his way into the group’s dressing room to assist the members in attaching their mic packs and in-ears, and of course, ended up getting teased a little bit by the members. V even mentioned that roles should be reversed next time and they would be Lee Hyun’s manager for a day, even suggesting that he’d want to be his driver! Throughout the shoot, Lee Hyun was prepared to film the members and always had their water bottles ready, just in case! They ended the video in the cutest way, asking for the viewers to like, subscribe and click on the notification bell for his channel. Check out the whole video below!

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