REVIEW: P1Harmony Wraps Up Successful “P1uspace H: Time To Move Out” Online Fan Meeting

Arambulo Live had the exciting opportunity to attend P1Harmony’s second-ever online fan meeting titled “P1uspace H : Time To Move Out.” Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul and Jongseob showcased their best dance moves and incredible vocals during the show that had the concept of “members being stuck on an island, only to be saved by their fans, P1ece.” P1Harmony started off the show by showing their fans what the members thought of each other by filling up a bottle of colored sand that represented various charms and personality traits for each of them, causing some chaos and giggles as they decided on what to pour in for each other. Dressed in adventurer outfits, the group then transitioned into an amazing performance of their song “Nemonade,” and then an entire portion of solo, duo and group performances. It started off with Jiung’s cover of Avril Lavigne’s hit song “Girlfriend,” where he asked his members who were sitting behind him to participate in the performance by singing along with him. Keeho and Theo then slowed it down a bit by showcasing their beautiful voices and harmonies on their version of Ariana Grande’s song “Girlfriend,” much to the fans’ delight. The youngest members of the group, Soul, Intak and Jongseob then took the stage to perform a powerful version of “Down Bad,” in which they rapped and danced flawlessly, exciting the P1ece watching the online event. All members appeared together on stage to perform their song “If You Call Me,” prior to a segment in which they wrote letters for each other, their time on the “island” and shared a message for their fans. The show concluded with perfectly executed performances of “Pyramid,” “Reset,” Conan Gray’s Song, “Maniac,” and ended with “Scared,” their most recently released track from their album, “DISHARMONY: BREAK OUT.” Congratulations to P1Harmony on a successful fan meeting! Check out the photos below shared by the group to their official social media platforms. (Thank you to P1Harmony’s team for the invite!)

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