SEVENTEEN Turn Into Race Car Drivers In “Anyone” Performance Video

Since the release of their eigth mini-album, “Your Choice,” the members of SEVENTEEN have been treating their CARATS to some incredible content! The most recent gift the 13-member group has shared is an incredible performance video of their song “Anyone,” which is one of the six tracks on the “Your Choice” album. In the video, we see SEVENTEEN dressed up as race car drivers serving incredible visuals during just the first few seconds! We then see the members in the middle of the race track as they perform flawlessly, with the camera angles and cinematography being praised by the CARATS, as it highlights just how synchronized the “self-producing” idols are! SEVENTEEN is currently gearing up for their annual fan meeting, SEVENTEEN in CARATLAND, which is set to take place from August 6-8 at Seoul’s Jamsil Stadium.

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