SEVENTEEN Stars In New Season Of The HYBE Reality Show “In The Soop”

SEVENTEEN are the newest stars to spend a week in the forest for HYBE’s reality show, “In the SOOP.” The 13-member group will be taking time out of their busy schedules to relax in a house in the woods to live simply and leisurely. Each 8-episode show will be 60 minutes long and will include behind-the-scenes episodes for each. SEVENTEEN’s “In the SOOP” will be released on Weverse’s TVOD service on Sunday’s and Tuesday’s starting on August 29. The show was first teased during the group’s 5th fan meeting, SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND, where we see members enjoying delicious food, trying out car racing, parasailing, soccer and enjoying each other’s company around a campfire. BTS was the first group from the company to have their own version of “In the SOOP,” which aired last summer. Take a look at the fun teaser clip for SEVENTEEN’s “In the SOOP” below!

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