Eric Nam And Vaultboy Team Up For A Remix Version Of “Everything Sucks”

K-Pop idol Eric Nam has teamed up with singer/song-writer Vaultboy on a remix of his viral TikTok song, “Everything Sucks”. The track originally started off as a 30-day writing challenge on TikTok, and when it went viral, vaultboy turned it into a full song and released it in May as his debut solo single. In regards to having Eric on the track, the singer/song-writer shared, “I am beyond stoked to have Eric on the ‘Everything Sucks’ remix! I first met Eric after we collaborated on the song he performed with Sarah Barrios on ‘Have We Met Before’, which I co-wrote. We shot a live performance video together for that song and we got along well, so when I was looking for someone to guest feature on ‘Everything Sucks’, Eric felt like a no brainer.” Check out the song below!

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