SEVENTEEN Live Their Best Lives In New “In The SOOP” Preview

Photo: PLEDIS Entertainment/HYBE

SEVENTEEN is the second group to have their own version of HYBE’s reality show program, “In the SOOP,” where the concept is to spend time somewhere between everyday life and leisure. With many fans excited and curious to see what the 13 members do while spending a week in the forest, a 3-minute preview video was released as we get to take a deeper look into that! The video starts off with the members explaining what “rest” means to them; Woozi and Joshua share that it’s something they’ve wanted to try but never had the chance to. With that, we see a compilation of clips of members enjoying quiet time like sleeping, building blocks, reading and making ceramics, until SEVENTEEN’s leader, S.Coups, mentioned that he wasn’t sure what else they could do with so much free time. The video jumps to the members experiencing even more exciting activities such as race car driving, paragliding, fishing and more! “In the SOOP – SVT Version” will consist of eight 60-minute episodes and eight behind-the-scenes episodes that will be released via Weverse’s TVOD service on Sundays and Tuesdays for four weeks starting August 29! Check out the full teaser preview below:

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