MAMAMOO’S Wheein Officially Signs With Ravi’s Label, “THE L1VE”

After the confirmation that MAMAMOO’s Wheein would not be continuing her journey with RBW Entertainment, it has been announced that she is now part of VIXX’s RAVI’s label, “THE L1VE.” Wheein’s contract with her former agency expired last month and while her MAMAMOO members, Solar, Moonbyul and Hwasa are set to continue with RBWE, Wheein is the only member who did not renew her contract. Although she won’t be under the same agency as her members, she is set to continue promotions with MAMAMOO until the end of 2023. THE L1VE, as well as Wheein, posted the announcement to their social media pages, with the singer sharing her thoughts on the new venture: “For the MooMoos who waited patiently, and for the many people who are cheering me on, I will work hard to show good music and a good image through THE L1VE. I will work hard at both solo promotions and MAMAMOO promotions from now on, so please send me your support. To the MooMoos that I love, I will continue to work to show you what you want and expect. Trust in me.” Wheein joins singer AILEE as the artists under RAVI’s newest label.

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