DONGKIZ (동키즈) is a South Korean boy group that officially debuted in April 2019 and consists of five members: Wondae, Kyoungyoon, Munik, Jaechan and Jonghyeong. They most recently released their fifth single album, “Chase Episode 1. Ggum” in July 2021 and continue to upload great content to their YouTube channel and social media platforms where they showcase their synchronized choreography, stunning vocals and exceptional concepts. We had the opportunity to chat with 3 of the members of DONGKIZ in an exclusive interview below!

Hello DONGKIZ! Please introduce yourselves to our readers.

Kyoungyoon: From East to World! Hello. This is DONGKIZ! I’m Kyoungyoon!

Jaechan: Hello, this is DONGKIZ’s 21-year-old Jaechan!

Jonghyeong: Hello, this is DONGKIZ Jonghyeong 🙂

Let’s go back to the beginning of the group, how were you formed to become DONGKIZ?

Kyoungyoon: At first, I thought I wanted to become a singer who comforts people, and after making music steadily, I am trying to be a strength to my fans as a member of DONGKIZ!

Jaechan: The rookie development team sent me a message through my personal SNS, so I auditioned!!

Jonghyeong: When I was young, I first started dancing after watching a music show where idol seniors appeared, and I wanted to become an idol because I felt good on stage.

You recently released CHASE EPISODE 1. GGUM – CONGRATULATIONS! Can you please share the story behind the interesting title?

Jaechan: This is about DONGKIZ chasing our dreams!! So, the English spelling is GGUM as it sounds like a dream in Korean. You will be able to see how we grow little by little as we follow our dreams step by step.

The music video for CRAZY NIGHT is so much fun to watch! What are some memorable moments from the filming?

Jonghyeong: I was possessed by Dongle, (DONGKIZ mascot character) and when I was making food, I mixed ketchup, mustard, water, and raw egg, and I remember eating it while acting! There was no taste.

The concept of the video subtly alludes to a travel concept. Which location would be a dream place for you to visit and perform in? 

Jonghyeong: If given the opportunity, I want to travel all over the world and perform. And I want to travel to every city in America.

What are some music genres you’d like to try as well as music video concepts you hope to do in the future? 

Jaechan: There are a lot of genres I want to try, but some of the summer songs are healing songs where they go to the beach?? I want to try the same thing. I want to film a music video with our members like a self-made video!

It’s been about two years since your debut, what do you think makes your relationship as a group strong?

Kyoungyoon: I think it’s really important to be considerate and cherish each other. When a member does a good job, I’m happy as if it was my doing, and if a member is having a hard time, I think “what can I do to help?”

And above all, I think of the members a lot when I’m eating something delicious!

What are some of the group’s goals? Where would you like to see DONGKIZ in five years?

Jonghyeong: I hope that DONGKIZ will become world-famous in 5 years and become an artist who tours in Korea and the United States.

Can you please share your upcoming projects?

Kyoungyoon: Our ‘CRAZY NIGHT’ was our most recent activity. If you look at our activities so far, we have shown you a lot of different concepts and charms, but we will continue to see you with more images and powerful charms, so please give us a lot of interest and love!

Any message for your fans?

Kyoungyoon: Our Ari’s who are cheering hard in the US! Thank you so much for supporting and loving DONGKIZ even in difficult times like these days. We’ll work harder too, so let’s not lose our laughter! When the situation subsides, I will make an effort to go to the United States to perform!

Thank you always and I love you Ari!

Jaechan: We haven’t been to the US yet, but when we do a YouTube or live broadcast, a lot of fans in the US watch it and leave comments. I definitely want to visit the US in the future and make a great performance!! Ari people in America!! Wait please!

Jonghyeong: Fans in the US, we would like to greet you for the first time with Joy Ruckus Club, an online performance* and we have never done an offline concert in the US, but I want to meet you in person as soon as possible. I hope that day will come soon. Until then, everyone should be healthy!


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Kyoungyoon: Chocolate

Jaechan: Vanilla

Jonghyeong: I like the mint chocolate flavor the most. Cool + cool is the best!

You can only follow 1 person on social media, who would it be?

Kyoungyoon: DONGLE Yo! (DONGKIZ’s mascot character)

Jaechan: DONGKIZ_DY (DONGKIZ Official Account)

Jonghyeong: I want to follow DONGKIZ’s official account!

Favorite scent?

Kyoungyoon: I haven’t found a scent I like yet.

Jaechan: Black Amber

Jonghyeong: I like citrus and woody scents.

What song makes you dance every time you hear it?


Jaechan: Kyoungyoon hyung sympathize!

Jonghyeong: DONGKIZ’s FEVER!

Artist that will make you star struck when you meet them?

Kyoungyoon: Park Hyo-shin! I might cry when we meet!

Jaechan: G-Dragon

Jonghyeong: Monsta X, Dean, and Troye Sivan!

Big thank you to Kyoungyoon, Jaechan and Jonghyeong as well as the DONGKIZ team for making this interview possible. Arambulo Live and Ari all around the world will continue to support DONGKIZ with all of their future projects. DONGKIZ, fighting!

*This interview was completed at the time of DONGKIZ’s Joy Ruckus Club performance. The interview was translated into English from Korean.


  1. Enjoyed this interview!! We fans will do all we can to help them achieve their dreams! I hope they will come to Europe too!! We are a great deal of Aris here too!

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