“Hospital Playlist 2” Comes To An End + Main Cast To Star In New Variety Show

“Hospital Playlist 2” has just wrapped up it’s successful run and many fans are feeling sad to hear about the reports that there are no plans for a Season 3 at the moment. The ending, while it focused on our favorite doctors and their daily lives and relationships, did leave potential for more story-telling in the future. The producers of the hit show have stated that both the production team and cast have expressed interest in coming back for a 3rd season but for now, there are no concrete plans. The show ended on a high note as the final episode, aired on September 16, reached a remarkable 14.1% nationwide and maintained it’s first place title all throughout the series. Due to the overwhelming amount of love and support for both seasons of the popular series and it’s cast, we’ll be able to see the main leads, Jo Jung Suk, Jeon Mi Do, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok and Kim Dae Myung, in a new variety show titled “Mountain Village Playlist” where the members will spend time in a countryside home and cook three meals a day by themselves and will watch episodes of “Hospital Playlist 2.” In a newly released teaser, it looks like their co-stars, Kim Hae Sook and Shin Hyun Been will be guest stars on the special program as well. “Mountain Village Playlist” is set to air on October 8!

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