SEVENTEEN Drops “Attacca” Concept Trailer Titled “Rush Of Love”

The members of SEVENTEEN showcase their mature side in the first concept trailer titled “Rush of Love” for their upcoming ninth mini-album, “Attacca.” The teaser takes a quick look into the transformation of the members who leave behind their boyhood and begin their journey to becoming men. The video mainly includes a darker concept with splashes of red, piercings, eyebrow slits, fire, motorcycles and electric guitars which leads us to believe that this comeback will include a rock/pop-rock concept! SEVENTEEN is known in the industry as a self-producing group that boasts incredible vocals and synchronized choreography, but can also succeed with any kind of concept they release! The 13-member group most recently surpassed 1.41 million pre-orders in a day with their upcoming album, proving the power of their CARATS and giving them the million-seller status once again. “Attacca,” the third form of love for their “Power of Love” project, is set to be released on October 22! Check out the “Rush of Love” concept trailer below!

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