SEVENTEEN Releases Sultry New Concept Photos For Upcoming Album, “Attacca”

SEVENTEEN is gearing up for the release of their upcoming ninth mini-album, “Attacca,” and with this, have shared the newest concept photos. In the first set of “Op.1” teaser images, the members showcase a much more mature and sensual vibe, alluding to the next stage of love, which “Attacca” will describe. While we’ve seen SEVENTEEN do cute and colorful to dark and powerful concepts, we can’t wait to see what the self-producing group will show this time around! “Attacca” will be the third form of love included in their “Power of Love” project following Mingyu and Wonwoo’s “Bittersweet” and their hit song, “Ready To Love” from their eighth mini-album, “Your Choice,” back in June 2021. SEVENTEEN is set to return on October 22 and will only include 11 members who will be actively promoting, as foreign members Jun and The8 are spending time in China until the end of the year, to be with their families and focus on solo projects and activities. Also, the group most recently attended The Fact Music Awards in which they won, “World Best Performer” and “Artist of the Year.” Congratulations, SEVENTEEN! Check out the teaser photos for “Attacca” below!

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