SEVENTEEN Drops Highlight Medley Still Cuts Ahead Of “Attacca” Album Release

SEVENTEEN is gearing up for an exciting comeback with their ninth mini-album, “Attacca.” The 13-member group most recently shared the track list for the album in which they confirmed their lead single titled, “Rock With You,” as well as songs, “To You,” “Crush,” “PANG! (Performance Unit),” “Imperfect Love (Vocal Unit),” “I Can’t Run Away (Hip-Hop Unit),” and the digital-only track, “2 MINUS 1,” which is also the group’s first English-language song. SEVENTEEN dropped stunning Highlight Medley Still Cuts focusing on each members’ charms ahead of the official teasers and the album release. SEVENTEEN is set to return on October 22 with the promotions for this comeback only including 11 members who will be actively promoting, as foreign members Jun and The8 are spending time in China until the end of the year, to be with their families and focus on solo projects and activities. Check out the Highlight Medley Still Cuts for “Attacca” down below!

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