Hannah Pangilinan Releases Debut EP, “Phases”

Hannah Pangilinan is known as a YouTuber, a vlogger, a student, an artist, and has now showcased her singing and songwriting skills with the release of her debut EP, “Phases.” Through clips posted on her YouTube channel or social media pages, Hannah’s talents and interests are very much known, and this includes her love for music. “Phases” features 5 tracks, which some were previously released as singles, and has now been combined into one project. From English to Tagalog songs, the track list includes: “Pag Nandiyan (ft. Better Days),” “Limits,” “All The Way (ft. Rico Blanco),” “Hinto,” and “Nothing.” Regarding the release of her debut EP, Hannah took to social media to post a simple yet beautiful photo of herself with the caption, “i might not say it—but i’ll write. i might not tell you—but i’ll sing. today, what was hidden is no longer. the phases EP, out now.” “Phases” is now available on music streaming platforms!

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